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In an epic novel set during World War II, a young British woman searches for love and her true identity.

-Kirkus Review


The author writes with clarity and a deep empathy for his protagonist. Fans of historical fiction will be thoroughly entertained by this moving novel.

-US Review of Books





The author does well with Elizabeth, in particular, creating a nuanced character who undergoes a believable transformation from casual opponent to fervent abolitionist.

Kirkus Review


With its intelligent prose, A Fisher of Slaves will not disappoint historical fiction fans who gravitate to Hornblower-style storytelling with a touch of  Georgian-era romance.

-Foreword Clarion 4 STARS REVIEW


Parson’s characters are nuanced and credible, unlike the cutouts found in historical novels that focus more on the action than the players. The author has a keen ear for dialect, but doesn’t overdo it so that it becomes distracting, and the writing is crisp and readable, moving at a steady pace. Once past the initial hurdle, it’s smooth sailing for anyone who appreciates a good yarn.

-BlueInk Review


Parsons writes with an obvious depth of knowledge regarding sailing and seamanship of the time. His colorful descriptions of exotic locales create vibrant word paintings. He imbues his characters with traits and behaviors that help them spring to life on the page. He even manages to weave a love story into this high-seas adventure. Readers who enjoy a compelling tale, deftly told, will likely find this journey into centuries past worth the trip.


Dick Parsons

Dick Parsons